Sorry you missed…

This is a list of regional and national events which recently took place

Jan 2018

Introduction to Oral History (London): SEE DETAILS on 17/01/2018

Dec 2017

‘Talking back’. LGBTQ history conference (London): SEE DETAILS on 02/12/2017

Nov 2017

OHS/IHR seminar. Joanna Bornat, Paul Thompson. Revising The Voice of the Past: oral history’s role in a changing world (London): SEE DETAILS on 09/11/2017
“DIALOGUES 2017”. OHS Psycho-Social Therapies and Care Environment Special Interest Group (Toddington): SEE DETAILS on 06/11/2017

Oct 2017

Family history and archived oral histories (London): SEE DETAILS on 30/10/2017
The Life Electric: Oral Histories from the UK Electricity Supply Industry (London): SEE DETAILS on 19/10/2017
The Magic Clock (Liverpool): SEE DETAILS on 13/10/2017
OHS/IHR seminar. Rebecca Pearce. Building Resilience through Shuttlework: the positive contribution oral testimony can make to climate risk assessments (London): SEE DETAILS on 12/10/2017

Sep 2017

Course: Managing Danger in Oral Historical Fieldwork (Edinburgh): SEE DETAILS on 06/09/2017

Jul 2017

Community Workshop, Oral History Society (Leeds): SEE DETAILS on 14/07/2017
Remembering Beliefs. OHS Annual Conference 2017 (Leeds): SEE DETAILS on 14/07/2017 - 15/07/2017

Jun 2017

Barnsley History Day: SEE DETAILS on 18/06/2017
Grace Huxford. Cold war frontier: oral histories of British military families in Germany, c. 1945-1991. (London): SEE DETAILS on 08/06/2017
Oral Labour History Day 2017 (London): SEE DETAILS on 03/06/2017
Exhibition: ‘Gay UK: Love, Law and Liberty’, British Library (London): SEE DETAILS on 02/06/2017 - 19/07/2017
Archival management of oral history collections (London): SEE DETAILS on 01/06/2017

May 2017

Constructing Post-War Britain: Building Workers’ Stories 1950-70 (Glasgow): SEE DETAILS on 22/05/2017
Launch invitation: A Hackney Autobiography (London): SEE DETAILS on 07/05/2017
Say it with Music – exhibition celebrates people and places that shaped jazz (Southend-on-Sea): SEE DETAILS on 05/05/2017 - 29/05/2017
Daniel Swan. “We all had to do our bit”: women’s memories of the Second World War in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. OHS / IHR seminar (London): SEE DETAILS on 04/05/2017

Apr 2017

Conference: Oral History and Archives: Connecting Scotland’s Sounds (Glasgow): SEE DETAILS on 29/04/2017
Solidarity and the 1984-5 miners’ strike: Oral history project (London): SEE DETAILS on 28/04/2017
Seminar: Kirkpatrick Fleming, Dumfriesshire. Changes in place, language and identities, 1930s to 2013 (Glasgow): SEE DETAILS on 24/04/2017

Mar 2017

David Kynaston: ‘Uncovering the unspoken: memory and post-war Britain’. National Life Stories Lecture (London): SEE DETAILS on 13/03/2017
Tom Harrison. Through the (one-way) looking glass: from clinical practice to oral history. OHS / IHR seminar (London): SEE DETAILS on 02/03/2017

Feb 2017

Strongroom to Seminar: archives and teaching in higher education (London): SEE DETAILS on 24/02/2017

Jan 2017

Marjolein Van Bavel. Oral histories: the narratives of British Playboy Models. OHS / IHR seminar (London): SEE DETAILS on 12/01/2017

Nov 2016

Archival management of oral history collections (London): SEE DETAILS on 08/11/2016
TODAY: Sue Onslow. ‘Refusing to listen to her voice: The Commonwealth, Mrs Thatcher and South Africa’. OHS / IHR seminar (London): SEE DETAILS on 03/11/2016

Oct 2016

Raf Nicholson. Oral Histories of Women’s Cricket. IHR seminar (London): SEE DETAILS on 06/10/2016