Julian Simpson


Email: Julian.simpson@manchester.ac.uk

Current professional role

Research Associate


The University of Manchester

Current projects

I am currently working on three books that all draw on oral history research:

Migrant Architects of the NHS: South Asian doctors and the reinvention of British general practice (1940s-1980s);

Changing faces of British healthcare: Guys, St Thomas and the NHS since 1970 (with Stephanie Snow);

History, historians and the immigration debate: Going back to where we came from (co-edited with Eureka Henrich).

Projects in Development

Migrant doctors and mental health care in the NHS.

Previous projects

South Asian-trained doctors and the development of British general practice (1940s-1980s) (funded by the University of Manchester and the Medical Research Council).

The recent history of Guys and St Thomas Hospitals. (Funded by the Guys and St Thomas Charity).


History of the NHS, post-war medical migration, migration history, history and policy.


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