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Autumn 1976
Volume: 4, Issue: 2 (1976)
Immigrant Communities: British and Continental European: In Early Twentieth Century Hamilton, Canada
Author(s): Jane Synge

Persistence and Change in Farming Methods in a Suffolk Village
Author(s): Carol Faiers

The Rural Publican and His Business in East Kent before 1914
Author(s): Michael Winstanley

Jazz Bands of North East England: The Evolution of a Working Class Cultural Activity
Author(s): Elizabeth Bird

Understanding "Lifetimes"
Author(s): Greg Wilkinson

The Edwardians: The Remaking of British Society
Author(s): Paul Thompson

Men from the Dreadnoughts
Author(s): Henry Baynham

Steveston Recollected; The South End
Author(s): Daphne Marlatt

Village Life and Labour
Author(s): Raphael Samuel