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Autumn 1979
Volume: 7, Issue: 2 (1979)
Dig Where You Stand
Author(s): Sven Lindqvist

"Sisters under Their Skins?" The Effects of Race upon the Efforts of Women Tobacco Workers to Organise in Durham, North Carolina
Author(s): Dolores Janiewski

Profane Images in the Irish Popular Consciousness
Author(s): Liam Kennedy

Opium and Oral History
Author(s): Virginia Berridge

From the Pit
Author(s): Ruby Woods

Rewriting Literature: Publishing from Adult Literacy
Author(s): Jane Mace

Women's Work and Family Size between the Wars
Author(s): Diana Gittins

Amoskeag: Life and Work in an American Factory City in New England
Author(s): Tamara K. Hareven, Randolph Langenbach

Montaillou: Cathars and Catholics in a French Village 1294-1324
Author(s): Emmanuel LeRoy Ladurie

A Ballad History of England: From 1588 to the Present Day
Author(s): Roy Palmer

Life in Kent at the Turn of the Century
Author(s): Michael Winstanley

First Generation: In the Words of Twentieth Century American Immigrants
Author(s): June Namias

The Children of Woot
Author(s): Jan Vansina

Dutiful Daughters
Author(s): Jean McCrindle, Sheila Rowbottom

Miguel Marmol, Los Sucesos De 1932 En El Salvador
Author(s): Roque Dalton

Horse Power and Magic
Author(s): George Ewart Evans

Author(s): Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers

Aberdeen in the General Strike
Author(s): Liz Kibblewhite, Andy Rigby