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Oral History and Black History
Volume: 8, Issue: 1 (1980)
The New Oral History in France
Author(s): Paul Thompson

Oral History and Blacklabour in Britain: An Overview
Author(s): Harry Goulbourne

Hopes and Reality in the West Indian Migration to Britain
Author(s): Elizabeth Thomas-Hope

Rich Man Poor Man: Or a Community of Suffering: Heroic Motifs in Manchester Pakistani Life Histories
Author(s): Pnina Werbner

The 'Island' of Brixton
Author(s): Donald Hinds

An Interview with Ronald Fraser
Author(s): Ronald Fraser and Jim Kelly

Conference Proceedings
Oral History and Black History: Conference Report
Author(s): Joanna Bornat, Judith Burdell, Bridget Goom and Paul Thompson

What Went Wrong? Working People and the Ideals of the Labour Movement
Author(s): Jeremy Seabrook

Unemployed Workers. A Social History of the Great Depression in Adelaide
Author(s): Ray Broomhill

Industrial Town: Self Portrait of St. Helens in the 1920s
Author(s): Charles Forman

Yesterday's Witness
Author(s): James Cameron

The Weimar Chronicle: Prelude to Hitler
Author(s): Alex de Jonge

Schools in an Urban Community. A Study of Carbrook 1870-1965
Author(s): Cheryl Parsons

The Blackpool Landlady: A Social History
Author(s): John K. Walton

A Street Door of Our Own ; Tenement Town
Author(s): Len White

Asian Women Speak Out