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Autumn 1980
Volume: 8, Issue: 2 (1980)
Oral History, People's History and Social Change in Scandinavia
Author(s): Jorgen Burchardt and Carl Erik Andresen

A Happy Man: A Hard Life: The Story of Arthur Lane (1884-1975)
Author(s): Roy Palmer, Philip Donnellan and Charles Parker

Culture, Class and Christianity in a Cotton Mill Village
Author(s): Dale Newman

The Lancashire Textile Project: A Description of the Work and Some of the Techniques Involved
Author(s): Stanley Graham

Oral Testimony and the Social History of Technology
Author(s): Chris Niblett

Oral History Archives: Perceptions and Practices
Author(s): David Lance

Conference Proceedings
The Miners in the Modern World
Author(s): Joanna Bornat and Sallie Purkis

Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe
Author(s): Peter Burke

The Recall Method in Social Surveys
Author(s): Louis Moss, Harvey Goldstein

The Immigrants
Author(s): Wendy Lowenstein

Weevils in the Flour
Author(s): Morag Loh

Picking up the Linen Threads
Author(s): Betty Messenger

The World on Our Backs
Author(s): Malcolm Pitt

Growing up in a London Village
Author(s): Phyllis Willmott

If You Don't Be Good: Verbal Social Control in Newfound-Land
Author(s): J. D. A. Widdowson

The Island; The Life and Death of an East London Community

Once There Was... The Village School
Author(s): Elizabeth Merson

L'Histoire Orale
Author(s): Nicole Gagnon, Jean Hamelin

The Edwardians in Photographs
Author(s): Paul Thompson, Gina Haskell