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Spring 1981
Volume: 9, Issue: 1 (1981)
Steal to Survive: The Social Crime of Working Class Children 1890-1940
Author(s): Stephen Humphries

The Internment of His Majesty's Loyal Enemy Aliens
Author(s): Ronald Stent

The Pangs of the Past
Author(s): Cynthia Hay

A Regional Project: Ethnotexts
Author(s): Philippe Joutard

Blood of Spain, the Experience of Civil War, 1936-9
Author(s): Ronald Fraser

Lebenserfahrung Und Kollektives Gedachtnis Die Praxis Der 'Oral History'
Author(s): Lutz Niethammer

Archives Orales: une autre histoire
Author(s): Annales ESC

The Sociological Review
Author(s): Annabel Faraday, Kenneth Plummer

The Yellow on the Broom
Author(s): Betsy Whyte

Everyman's Book of English Country Songs
Author(s): Roy Palmer

Missile Village
Author(s): Keith Armstrong, Helen Pickles, Tony Whittle

Song of Long Ago
Author(s): Sue Hall, John Hopkins

"Nous ne parlions que le breton et il fallait parler français"
Author(s): Fanch Elegoët