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Autumn 1981
Volume: 9, Issue: 2 (1981)
'Think of Me Simply as the Skipper': Industrial Relations at Vauxhalls 1920-1950
Author(s): Len Holden

Welsh Immigrants in the Cities of North West England. 1890-1930: Some Oral Testimony
Author(s): Merfyn Jones

The Voice of an Immigrant into the South Wales Coalfield: Dick Cooke Recorded
Author(s): Hywel Francis

Nineteenth Century Tiree Emigrant Communities in Ontario
Author(s): Margaret Mackay

The Comprehension of Private Copper
Author(s): Thomas Pakenham

See That We May See
Author(s): Peter Seitel

Oral Traditions from the Gambia Vol I, Mandinka Griots
Author(s): Donald R. Wright

Yoruba Myths
Author(s): Ulli Beier

Black Testimony: Voices of Britain's West Indians
Author(s): Thomas J. Cottle

The African Past Speaks: Essays on Oral Tradition and History
Author(s): Joseph C. Miller

The Fed: A History of the South Wales Miners in the Twentieth Century
Author(s): Hywel Francis, David Smith

Ho for California! Women's Overland Diaries from the Huntington Library
Author(s): Sandra L. Myres

One for the Money: Politics and Popular Song
Author(s): Dave Harker

The History of Myddle
Author(s): Richard Gough

The Real World of the Small Business Owner
Author(s): Richard Scase, Robert Coffee

Handbook for Doing Finnish American Family History
Author(s): Carl Ross, Velma M. Doby

Jamaica, Country and People
Author(s): Marieke Clarke

Manchester Fourteen Miles
Author(s): Margaret Penn

Testimony of War 1914-1918
Author(s): Peter Liddle

The British Seafarer
Author(s): Michael Mason, Basil Greenhill, Robin Craig

The Tommy Talker Bands of the West Riding
Author(s): Ronnie Wharton, Arthur Clarke