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An Occasional News Sheet, 3
Volume: 1, Issue: 3 (1972)
Oral History in the United States
Author(s): Willa K. Baum

Oral History and Recent Political History
Author(s): Brian Harrison

The Oral History Programme of the Oxford Colonial Records Project
Author(s): J. J. Tawney

Oral History and the Labour Historians
Author(s): John Saville

Oral History in Adult Education: Some Experiences in Shropshire
Author(s): Barrie Trinder

Conference Proceedings
The Leicester Conference on Problems of Oral History (Thursday 23rd March-Saturday 25th March 1972): Four Impressions

The Agricultural Community in South West Wales at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Author(s): David Jenkins

Durham Mining Villages
Author(s): Sid Chaplin

Twentieth Century Coventry
Author(s): Kenneth Richardson