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Spring 1982
Volume: 10, Issue: 1 (1982)
Bill Hingston: A Biography in Song
Author(s): Sam Richards

Interview with Stephen Peet
Author(s): Stephen Peet, Paul Thompson and Joanna Bornat

Workers Theatre to Broadway Hit: The Evolution of an American Radical Revue
Author(s): Harry M. Goldman

Tough Annie: From Suffragette to Stepney Councillor
Author(s): Annie Barnes, Kate Harding, Caroline Gibbs

Reminiscences of a Bradford Mill Girl
Author(s): Maggie Newbury

In and out the Windows
Author(s): Elizabeth K. Blackburn

A Sense of Adventure
Author(s): Dolly Davey

East End Underworld: Chapters in the Life of Arthur Harding
Author(s): Raphael Samuel

On Earth to Make the Numbers Up
Author(s): Evelyn Haythorne

The Miner's Story and the Factory Woman's Story
Author(s): A People's History of Yorkshire

Rothschild Buildings. Life in an East End Tenement Block
Author(s): Jerry White

The Dillen: Memories of a Man of Stratford-upon-Avon
Author(s): Angela Hewins

At Home in 1900; In the Street in 1900; At School in 1900
Author(s): Sallie Purkis

In the Country in 1900
Author(s): Elizabeth Merson

Chelsea Child
Author(s): Rose Gamble

I Was a Walworth Boy
Author(s): H. J. Bennett

Arbury Is Where We Live!
Author(s): Sallie Purkis