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Women's History
Volume: 10, Issue: 2 (1982)
Scratching the Surface. Women, Work and Coalmining History in England and Wales
Author(s): Angela V. John

The Jewish Woman as Breadwinner: The Changing Value of Women's Work in a Manchester Immigrant Community
Author(s): Rickie Burman

'Tidy Women': Women in the Rhondda between the Wars
Author(s): Rosemary Crook

Women Domestic Servants in Germany at the Turn of the Century
Author(s): Dorothee Wierling

Interviewing the Middle Class: Women Graduates of the Scottish Universities c.1910-1935
Author(s): Sheila Hamilton

Klettern in Der Grossstadt
Author(s): Jochen Köhler

La Légende Des Camisards. Une Sensibilité Au Passé, NRF Gallimard 1977
Author(s): Philippe Joutard

The Communist Party and the Auto Workers Unions
Author(s): Roger Keeran

Je Est Un Autre, L'autographie De La Litterature Aux Medias
Author(s): Philippe Lejeune

Nothing to Spare: Recollections of Australian Pioneering Women
Author(s): Jan Carter

Blending into the Life ; Born One Year before the 20th Century
Author(s): Minnie Fisher

Working at St. Mark's Preservation Youth Project

Long Road from Lares

Full Time Active

Lucy Bettesworth
Author(s): George Sturt

Nella Last's War
Author(s): Nella Last

"Where's Your Horns?"

D for Doris V for Victory
Author(s): Doris White

Lambeth at War. S.E.!
Author(s): Stanley Rothwell

From Memory to History: Using Oral Sources in Local Historical Research
Author(s): Barbara Allen, Lynwood Montell