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Spring 1984
Volume: 12, Issue: 1 (1984)
Upper Class Life over Three Generations: The Case of the Swedish Finns
Author(s): J. P. Roos and Barbara Roos

Who Doesn't Marry and Why?
Author(s): Anthea Duquenin

The Working-Class Extended Family: Functions and Attitudes 1890-1940
Author(s): Elizabeth Roberts

Growing up in Manchester Jewry: The Story of Clara Weingard
Author(s): Rickie Burman and Rosalyn Livshin

Conference Proceedings
Scottish Oral History Group/Oral History Society Joint Conference
Author(s): Joanna Bornat, Stephen Humphries, Trevor Lummis, Paul Thompson

International Conference on Oral History and Women's History, Columbia University, New York, 18-20 November 1983
Author(s): Mary Chamberlain and Paul Thompson

The People of Providence: A Housing Estate and Some of Its Inhabitants
Author(s): Tony Parker

Our Common History: The Transformation of Europe
Author(s): Paul Thompson, Natash Burchardt

A Bespattered Page?: The Internment of 'His Majesty's Most Loyal Enemy Aliens'
Author(s): Ronald Stent

Power of Speech: A History of Standard Telephones and Cables 1883-1983
Author(s): Peter Young

Memory Observed, Remembering in Natural Contexts
Author(s): Ulric Neisser

Sex and Generation: A Study of Courtship and Weddings
Author(s): Diana Leonard

Hausherrenmacht und Mieterelend 1890-1923
Author(s): Michael John

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Glaube?
Author(s): Lothar Steinbach

Shepherd's Bush Memories: Bill Massey Trade Unionist ; Memories of Highgate from a Keeper's Lodge
Author(s): Liza Chivers

How to Tape Instant Oral Biographies
Author(s): William Zimmerman