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Spring 1985
Volume: 13, Issue: 1 (1985)
Italian Women in the Nazi Camps: Aspects of Identity in Their Accounts
Author(s): Anna Bravo

French Telephone Operators Past and Present: The Ambiguities of Progress
Author(s): Pierrette Pézerat and Danièle Poublan

Rural Women in the Aures: A Poetry in Context
Author(s): Naziha Hamouda

Voices on Radio: Billy Kay the Maker of Odyssey
Author(s): Graham Smith

Author(s): Lyn Macdonald, Michael Joseph

The Anarchists of Casas Viejas
Author(s): Jerome R. Mintz

Miners against Fascism, Wales and the Spanish Civil War
Author(s): Hywel Francis

Dresden 1945, the Devil's Tinderbox
Author(s): Alexander McKee

The River's in My Blood
Author(s): Jane Curry

Hochlarmarker Lesebuch: Kohle War Nicht Alles 100 Jahre Ruhrgebiets-Geschichie
Author(s): Hochlarmarker Lesebuch

Bristol's Other History
Author(s): Bristol Broadsides