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Spring 1987
Volume: 15, Issue: 1 (1987)
Oral History in China
Author(s): Stephen Thompson and Paul Thompson

Oral History in China
Author(s): Yang Li-Wen

From Micky to Maus: Recalling the Genocide through Cartoon
Author(s): Graham Smith

Voices of Kentmere: A Lakeland Hill Farm Community
Author(s): Rosamund Jones

Women in the Tinplate Industry: Llanelli, 1930-1950
Author(s): Sheila Owen-Jones

Village Band
Author(s): Julie O'Neill

Indexing a Large Scale Oral History Project
Author(s): Jim Fitzpatrick and Stuart Reid

Reminiscence Activities: Or How Older People Enjoy Themselves
Author(s): Bob Little

This Mighty Dream: Social Protest Movements in the United States
Author(s): Madeleine Adamson, Seth Borgos

How Can I Keep from Singing: Pete Seeger
Author(s): David King Dunaway

Landscape for a Good Woman
Author(s): Carolyn Steedman

The Worst Street in North London: Campbell Bunk, Islington, between the Wars
Author(s): Jerry White

Reminiscence with Elderly People
Author(s): Andrew Norris

Gate Fever: Voices from a Prison
Author(s): James Campbell

Guns and Rain: Guerillas and Spirit Mediums in Zimbabwe
Author(s): David Lan

Peasant Consciousness and Guerilla War in Zimbabwe, a Comparative Study
Author(s): Terence Ranger