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Spring 1988
Volume: 16, Issue: 1 (1988)
A Short-Lived Myth of a School Strike
Author(s): Rosanna Basso

A Glancing View of Childhood : Bow Bridge Island Council Estate 1947-1962
Author(s): Terry Farrell, Jimmy Farrell and David Tomlin

GetĂșlio: Oral History, Political Biography and National Myth
Author(s): Valentina da Rocha Lima

Frontier College: Workers' Education in the Canadian Outback
Author(s): James Morrison

Domestic Service between the Wars: The Experiences of Two Rural Women
Author(s): Mary Harrison

Ten Inches into Six Feet: Low Budget Equipment for an Oral History Project: Paul Thompson Interviews Doc Rowe
Author(s): Paul Thompson and Doc Rowe

Conference Proceedings
Myth and History: Sixth International Oral History Conference, St John's College, Oxford, 11-13 September 1987
Author(s): Joanna Bomat

Listening to History
Author(s): Trevor Lummis

Belfast in the Thirties
Author(s): Ronnie Munck, Bill Rolston

Occupation and Society: The East Anglian Fishermen 1880-1914
Author(s): Trevor Lummis

Lebensgeschichte Und Sozialkultur Im Ruhrgebiet 1930 Bis 1960
Author(s): Lutz Niethammer

Funising the World: The East London Furniture Trade 1830-1980
Author(s): Pat Kirkham, Rodney Mace, Julia Porter

Hard Times Cotton Mill Girls: Personal Histories of Womanhood and Poverty in the South
Author(s): Victoria Byerly

L'anello Forte. La Donna: Storie Di Vita Contadina
Author(s): Nuto Revelli

Voices from the Spanish Civil War: Personal Recollections of Scottish Volunteers in Republican Spain 1936-39
Author(s): Ian MacDougall

The Management of Oral History Sound Archives
Author(s): Frederick J. Stielow

Mass Observation Day Survey, May 12, 1937
Author(s): Humphrey Jennings, Charles Madge

Children of the Blitz: Memories of Wartime Childhood
Author(s): Robert Westall

The Blitz, Evacuation and Children at War
Author(s): Peter Chrisp, Richard Gibbs

The Crystal Spring
Author(s): Maud Karpeles

Strathkiness: A Glimpse of a Scottish Village, 1986
Author(s): Nelda Seed