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Health and Caring
Volume: 17, Issue: 1 (1989)
Reminiscence: At the Sharp End
Author(s): Patricia Duffin

The Professionalisation of Childcare
Author(s): Elizabeth Peretz

Caking for the Casual Poor
Author(s): John Adams

Biographical Interviews with Older People
Author(s): Jocelyn Cornwall and Brian Gearing

What One Cannot Remember Mistakenly
Author(s): Karen Fields

Archivists and Oral Historians: Friends, Strangers or Enemies?
Author(s): Graham Eeles and Jill Kinnear

Why Dat Matters to Oral Historians
Author(s): Paul Thompson and Peter Copeland

In Her Own Words: Oral Histories of Women Physicians
Author(s): R. M. Morantz, C. S. Pomerleau, C. H. Fenichel

Prudent Revolutionaries: Portraits of British Feminists between the Wars
Author(s): Brian Harrison

The Past Meets the Present: Essays on Oral History
Author(s): David Stricklin, Rebecca Sharpless

Missuses and Mouldrunners. An Oral History of Women Pottery Workers at Work and at Home
Author(s): Jacqueline Sarsby

Working-Class Community in N. Ireland
Author(s): Peter McNamee, Tom Lovett

Out of the Cage: Women's Experiences in Two World Wars
Author(s): Gail Braybon, Penny Summerfield

Oni: Stalin's Polish Puppets
Author(s): Teresa Toranska, A. Kolakowska Collins Harvill

Towards a Social Architecture: The Role of School Building in Post-War England
Author(s): Andrew Saint

Toolmaking and Politics, the Life of Ted Smallbone: An Oral History
Author(s): Harold Williamson

Hard Times, Good Times, Tales of Portsea People
Author(s): Kevin Haines, Clair Shilton

A Secret World of Sex: Forbidden Fruit; The British Experience 1900-1950
Author(s): Steve Humphries