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Popular Memory
Volume: 18, Issue: 1 (1990)
Anzac Memories: Putting Popular Memory Theory into Practice in Australia
Author(s): Alistair Thomson

Ambivalent Memories: Women and the 1939-45 War in Britain
Author(s): Dorothy Sheridan

Memory and Identity of Dutch Caravan Dwellers
Author(s): Marlou Schrover

Playing at War: An Autobiographical Approach to Boyhood Fantasy and Masculinity
Author(s): Graham Dawson

Disrupting the Silence: The Daughter's Story
Author(s): Jo Spence

Out of the Archives and onto the Stage
Author(s): Shaun Nethercott and Neil Leighton

An Oral History of Jazz in Britain
Author(s): Chris Clark

The Art Beneath
Author(s): Emmanuel Cooper

The Great Divide: Second Thoughts on the American Dream
Author(s): Studs Terkel

Generations of Memories: Voices of Jewish Women
Author(s): Jewish Women in London Group

Growing up in Lambeth
Author(s): Mary Chamberlain

A Place Called Bird
Author(s): Tony Parker

Directory of Recorded Sound Resources in the United Kingdom
Author(s): Lali Weerasinghe, Jeremy Silver

Oral History: A Handbook
Author(s): Louise Douglas, Alan Roberts, Ruth Thompson

Oral History
Author(s): Lee Smith

Off the Record: An Oral History of Popular Music
Author(s): Joe Smith

Woodstock: The Oral History
Author(s): Joel Makower

he Art of American Car Design: The Profession and Personalities: "Not Simple like Simon"
Author(s): C. Edson Armi