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The Crafts
Volume: 18, Issue: 2 (1990)
The Crafts as Poor Relations
Author(s): June Freeman

The Crafts and Non-Verbal Learning
Author(s): Christine Percy and Teal Triggs

The Crafts in Museums: Consolation or Creation
Author(s): Tim Putnam

Studio Pottery: Oral Evidence and Some Problems in Writing Its History
Author(s): Tanya Harrod

Interviewing Craftspeople in the USA: An Oral History Project
Author(s): Richard Polsky

'Then We Were Making Furniture, and Not Money': A Case Study of J. Clarke, Wycombe Furniture Makers
Author(s): Judy Attfield

The Role of Oral History in Researching Irish Vernacular Furniture
Author(s): Claudia Kinmonth

Some Thoughts on Lettering: A Conversation with Geoffrey Deeley: Lettercarver
Author(s): Barbara Usherwood

The Renaissance of the Blacksmith: An Interview with Richard Quinell
Author(s): Richard Quinell and Jeremy Theophilus

Savithri Nandaraj Newell: Blockprinter
Author(s): Moira Vincentelli

Black Country Working Women
Author(s): Christopher Bailey

Art or Women's Work? News from 'The Knitting Circle'
Author(s): Pamela Johnson

'It Was a Sheer Pleasure to Do This Occupation': John Greenwood, Handblock Printer
Author(s): Robert Perks

The Changing Role of the Rural Blacksmith
Author(s): John Williams-Davies

Textile Voices: Mill Life This Century
Author(s): Olive Howarth

To Make Ends Meet: Women over 60 Write about Their Working Lives
Author(s): Jo Stanley

Miles of Smiles, Years of Struggle: Stories of Black Pullman Porters
Author(s): Jack Santino

Tearing down the Color Bar: A Documentary History and Analysis of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
Author(s): Joseph E. Wilson

Living with Decorative Textiles: Tribal Art from Africa, Asia and the Americas
Author(s): Nicholas Barnard

Walking after Midnight: Gay Men's Life Stories
Author(s): Hall Carpenter Archives Gay Men's Oral History Group

Textiles of the Kuna Indians of Panama
Author(s): Herta Puls

Chikan Embroidery: The Floral Whitework of India
Author(s): Sheila Paine

The Radical Soldier's Tale
Author(s): Caroline Steadman

Women Remember: An Oral History
Author(s): Anne Smith

Recollections of a Donegal Man: Packie Manns Byrne
Author(s): Stephen Jones

'The Sugared Imagination: An Art and a Trade'
Author(s): Usher Gallery, Lincoln, Touring Exhibition

A Hidden Workforce: Homeworkers in England, 1850-1985
Author(s): Shelley Pennington, Belinda Westover