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The Sea
Volume: 19, Issue: 1 (1991)
Making Ships, Making Men: Working for John Brown's between the Wars
Author(s): Alan Mckinlay and John Hampton

Across Seven Seas and Thirteen Rivers
Author(s): Caroline Adams

The 'Titanic' and Southampton: The Oral Evidence
Author(s): Donald Hyslop and Sheila Jemima

A New Zealander's View of Oral History in Britain
Author(s): Helen Frizzell, Judith Fyfe and Hugo Manson

Life along the Burma Road
Author(s): Chris Howard Bailey

Soundtracks and Researchers
Author(s): David Lee

'The Double-Edged Sword': Nicknames on, the New Zealand Waterfront, 1915-1951
Author(s): Anna Green

Photo-Reminiscence Project: The Time of Our Lives
Author(s): Kim Louise Walden

People's History and Community Publishing: The Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers
Author(s): Alistair Thomson

Black Arts and Crafts in Britain
Author(s): Laura Corballis

By Train to Samarkand: A View of Oral History in the Soviet Union
Author(s): Robert Perks

Who Was the Dillen's Father? New Light on the Origins of George Hewins of Stratford-upon-Avon
Author(s): Robert Bearman

Who Was the Dillen's Father? A Reply
Author(s): Angela Hewins

The Myths We Live By
Author(s): Raphael Samuel, Paul Thompson

A Manual of Sound Archive Administration
Author(s): Alan Ward

Oral History: An Annotated Bibliography
Author(s): Robert Perks

Black Lives, White Lives: Three Decades of Race Relations in America
Author(s): Bob Blauner

Hill Country Teacher: Oral Histories from the One Room School and Beyond
Author(s): Diane Manning

The Way It Was: An Oral History of Twenty Years of Finance
Author(s): Editors of Institutional Investor

Raparapa: All Right, Now We Go 'Longside the River
Author(s): Paul Marshall

Story about Feeling
Author(s): Bill Neidjie, Keith Taylor

Emma: A Translated Life
Author(s): Emma Ciccotosto, Michal Bosworth

Disappearing Communities
Author(s): Community Productions Merseyside

The Ellis Island Immigration Museum, New York