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Volume: 19, Issue: 2 (1991)
'We Know Your Mob Now': European and Aboriginal Histories of Captain Cook
Author(s): Chris Healy

German War Memories: Narrability and the Biographical and Social Functions of Remembering
Author(s): Gabriele Rosenthal

Social Dynamics of Oral History Making: Women's Experiences of Wartime
Author(s): Bridget Macey

Escape into the Other Italy (1943-45): Some Reflections on a Use of Oral History
Author(s): Roger Absalom

Fit for Heroines? Women and Scottish Land Settlement after World War I
Author(s): Leah Leneman

Jack Hill's Horse: Narrative Form and Oral History
Author(s): Simon Featherstone

Women and Life History Work in East Central Europe
Author(s): Dorothy Sheridan

The Politics of Memory in Brazil
Author(s): Paul Thompson

I Don't Feel Old: The Experience of Later Life
Author(s): Paul Thompson, Catherine Itzin, Michele Abendstern

Family Snaps: The Meanings of Domestic Photography
Author(s): Jo Spence, Patricia Holland

Eyewitnesses at Nuremberg
Author(s): Hilary Gaskin

Forgotten Heroes: Japanese Imprisonment of American Civilians in the Philippines, 1942-1945, an Oral History
Author(s): Michael P. Onorato

The Death of Luigi Trastulli and Other Stories: Form and Meaning in Oral History
Author(s): Alessandro Portelli

Women in Rural Australia
Author(s): Kerry James

Reaching Back: Queensland Aboriginal People Recall Early Days at Yarrabah Mission
Author(s): Judy Thomson

Worktowners at Blackpool: Mass Observation and Popular Leisure in the 1930s
Author(s): Gary Cross

Life and Work History Analyses: Qualitative and Quantitative Developments
Author(s): Shirley Dex

The Unbreakable Thread, Non Racialism in South Africa
Author(s): Julie Frederikse

Life after Ninety
Author(s): M. Bury, A. Holme

Just like the Country: Memories of London Families Who Settled in the New Cottage Estates, 1919-1939
Author(s): Age Exchange