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National Curriculum
Volume: 20, Issue: 1 (1992)
Both Understanding and Knowledge: The Value of Oral Evidence in the Classroom
Author(s): Allan Redfern

Oral History and the National Curriculum
Author(s): Tim Lomas

Using Oral Evidence with Infants: A Toys and Games Project for 5-7 Year Olds
Author(s): Sandra Peck

Passing on History: A Key Stage II Intergenerational Project
Author(s): Teresa Watkins

Organising an Oral History Project in a Secondary School
Author(s): Jill Geddes

Oral History and Teenagers: Cross Curricular Applications
Author(s): Irene Orchard

Oral Evidence Work with Undergraduates
Author(s): Maggie Wilson

Local Archive Provision for Schools: The Evolution of a National Curriculum Teaching Pack
Author(s): Katherine Towsey

Oral History Resource List 1: Oral History and Sound Archive Resources for History in the National Curriculum
Author(s): Rob Perks

Travelling on: Life Story Telling in a Psychiatric Day Hospital
Author(s): Rosie Mere

The Strangeways Prison Oral History Project
Author(s): Ken Howarth

Stolen or Given: An Issue in Oral History
Author(s): Gillian Elinor

A Sense of History: Key Stage 1 Evaluation Pack
Author(s): Sallie Purkis

Transport: An Oral and Photographic Resource Pack for National Curriculum History
Author(s): Kirklees Cultural Centre

Women Assemble: Women Workers and the New Industries in Inter-War Britain
Author(s): Miriam Glucksmann

Homes for People. 100 Years of Council Housing in Birmingham
Author(s): Carl Chinn

Up Oor Close: Memories of Domestic Life in Glasgow Tenements, 1910-1945
Author(s): Jean Faley

Amongst Farm Horses: The Horselads of East Yorkshire
Author(s): Stephen Caunce

Russian Voices
Author(s): Tony Parker

Addicts Who Survived. An Oral History of Narcotic Use in America 1923-1965
Author(s): David Courtwright, Herman Joseph, Don Des Jarlais

A Ton of Spirit: Australian Centenarians Talk with Penny Smith
Author(s): Penny Smith

The Struggle for District Six, Past and Present
Author(s): Shamil Jeppie, Crain Soudien

The Memory Be Green, an Oral History of a Devon Village
Author(s): Liz Shakespeare

Winifred: A Wiltshire Working Girl
Author(s): Sylvia Marlow

Sinhalese Immigrants in Malaysia and Singapore, 1860-1990: History through Recollections
Author(s): S. N. Arseculeratne