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Making Histories
Volume: 20, Issue: 2 (1992)
The Communities of Community Publishing
Author(s): Joanna Bornat

Age Exchange: A Retrospective
Author(s): Pam Schweitzer and Joanna Bornat

Method and Theory in the Oral Biography
Author(s): David K. Dunaway

A Video Letters Exchange
Author(s): Teresa Watkins

Where Shall We Go? An Oral History Video Project
Author(s): Carrie Supple and Nick Hudson

Treading the Traces of Discarded History: Oral History Installations
Author(s): Alison Marchant

Voices Waiting to Be Heard: Queenspark Market Books
Author(s): Mike Hayler and Nick Osmond

Aspects of Oral History Projects and Archives: New Zealand, the United States of America and the United Kingdom
Author(s): Ronda Jamieson

Write Your Life: A Norwegian Life Story Contest
Author(s): Marianne Gullestad and Reidar Almas

Recent British Community Histories
Author(s): Tom Woodin

Technical Notes
Author(s): Peter Copeland

Women's Words: The Feminist Practice of Oral History
Author(s): Sherna Berger Gluck, Daphne Patai

A Shared Authority: Essays on the Craft and Meaning of Oral and Public History
Author(s): Michael Frisch

Packaging the Past: Public Histories
Author(s): John Rickard, Peter Spearritt

Out of Sight. The Experience of Disability 1900-1950
Author(s): Steve Humphries, Pamela Gordon

Steeltown: The Real Life Drama of the Men and Women Who Built an Industry
Author(s): Rupert Creed, Averil Coult

At the Desert's Edge: Oral Histories from the Sahel
Author(s): Nigel Cross, Rhiannon Barker

Self Portraits
Author(s): David Foster

History Workshop. A Collectanea 1967-1991 Documents, Memoirs, Critique and Cumulative Index to History Workshop Journal
Author(s): Raphael Samuel

Russia Speaks: An Oral History from the Revolution to the Present
Author(s): Richard Lourie

The Other Russia
Author(s): Michael Glenny, Norman Stone

Old Pro's Paradise: Short Stories Series
Author(s): Laurie Wiseman

Flashback: The History of the North East; Flashback
Author(s): Tyne Tees Television

Bishop's Castle Well-Remembered: Memories and Photographs of a Small Shropshire Market Town
Author(s): Janet Preshous