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Ethnicity and National Identity
Volume: 21, Issue: 1 (1993)
Tales of Teleki Square
Author(s): Carmela Patrias

An Unfamiliar Germany: Some Remarks on the Past and Present Relationship between East and West Germans
Author(s): Alexander Von Plato

Ukraine's Forbidden History: Memory and Nationalism
Author(s): Robert Perks

Oral History and Palestinian Collective Memory
Author(s): Sonia El-Nimr

Oral Tradition and Historical Source: The Maltese Ghannejja
Author(s): John Chircop

This Is Our Home Now: Reminiscences of a Panjabi Migrant in Coventry an Interview with Anant Ram
Author(s): Anant Ram and Darshan Singh Tatla

'May Your Children Speak Well of You Mother Tongue': Oral History and the Ethnic Communities
Author(s): Sav Kyriacou

Oral Traditions and the Verbal Arts: A Guide to Research Practices
Author(s): Ruth Finnegan

Faces with Voices
Author(s): June Freeman, Janine Wiedel

Daring Hearts: Lesbian and Gay Lives of 50s and 60s Brighton
Author(s): Brighton Ourstory Project

Dope Girls: The Birth of the British Drug Underground
Author(s): Marek Kohn

Talking Time!: A Guide to Oral History for Schools
Author(s): Maggie Hewitt, Annie Harris

Britain since 1930 (CSU4) Evaluation Pack
Author(s): Sallie Purkis

Spanish Fighters: An Oral History of Civil War and Exile
Author(s): Neil Macmaster

La Notte Della Repubblica
Author(s): Sergio Zavoli

Witnesses to the Holocaust: An Oral History
Author(s): Rhoda G. Lewin