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Women's Lives
Volume: 21, Issue: 2 (1993)
Neighbours: North West England 1940-70
Author(s): Elizabeth Roberts

A Policewife's Lot Is Not a Happy One: Police Wives in the 1930s and 1940s
Author(s): Barbara Weinberger

'Ambassadors of England': Work and Leisure for the Wrens in Malta, 1944-1950
Author(s): Chris Howard Bailey

'Going Back to the Land': Rhetoric and Reality in Women's Land Army Memories
Author(s): Alison Woodeson

Friendship as Oral History: A Feminist Psychologist's View
Author(s): Miriam Zukas

'And How Was It for You Mary?' Self, Identity and Meaning for Oral Historians
Author(s): Mary Stuart

Our Mothers' Land: Chapters in Welsh Women's History 1830-1939
Author(s): Angela V. John

International Yearbook of Oral History and Life Stories. Volume I: Memory and Totalitarianism
Author(s): Luisa Passerini

International Annual of Oral History, 1990: Subjectivity and Multi-Culturalism in Oral History
Author(s): Ronald Grele

Grandmothers Talking to Nell Dunn
Author(s): Nell Dunn

When the Pelican Laughed
Author(s): Alice Nannup, Lauren Marsh, Stephen Kinnan

A Passage to England: Barbadian Londoners Speak of Home
Author(s): John Western

Country Bairns: Growing up 1900-1930
Author(s): Lynn Jamieson, Claire Toynbee

Chapel and Northam, an Oral History of Southampton's Dockland Communities: 1900-1945
Author(s): Sheila Jemima

A Story to Tell: The Working Lives of Ten Aboriginal Australians
Author(s): N. Gallagher

You Are My Darling Zita
Author(s): Glenn Busch

Better Betting with a Decent Feller: Bookmakers, Betting and the British Working Class 1750-1990
Author(s): Carl Chinn

Narrating Our Pasts: The Social Construction of Oral History
Author(s): Elizabeth Tonkin

Now and Then: A Training Pack for Reminiscence
Author(s): Patricia Duffin