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Working Lives
Volume: 22, Issue: 1 (1994)
Grandma Page's Workshop Outwork in Birmingham 1911-1914
Author(s): Belinda Leach

The Jobbers of the London Stock Exchange an Oral History
Author(s): Bernard Attard

Clerical Workers in the 1950s and 1960s: The Use of Oral Evidence
Author(s): Margaret Black

Women on the Shop Floor: The Colchester Rag Trade 1918-1950
Author(s): Andrew Phillips

Reminiscence, Retailing and Change
Author(s): Jane Mace

Portobello Pageant: The Story of a Commission: Two Views
Author(s): Liz Bartlett and Christopher Hedley-Dent

The Story of Highfield Rangers a 'Black' Voluntary Oral History Project
Author(s): John Williams

Talking Football: A Review of Radio Football Histories in Derby, Liverpool and Oxford
Author(s): Geron Swann, Rogan Taylor and Andrew Ward

International Yearbook of Oral History and Life Stories Volume II between Generations: Family Models, Myths and Memories
Author(s): Daniel Bertaux, Paul Thompson

May the Lord in His Mercy Be Kind to Belfast
Author(s): Tony Parker, Jonathan Cape

The Midwife's Tale: An Oral History of Midwifery from Handywoman to Professional Midwife
Author(s): Nicky Leap, Billie Hunter

Leisure, Gender and Poverty: Working Class Culture in Salford and Manchester, 1900-1939
Author(s): Andrew Davies

Ramlin Rose: The Boatwoman's Story
Author(s): Sheila Stewart

Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold: The History of a Lesbian Community
Author(s): Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy, Madeline D. Davis

Making Stories, Making Selves: Feminist Reflections on the Holocaust
Author(s): R. Ruth Linden

Popular Reading and Publishing in Britain, 1914-1950
Author(s): Joseph McAleer

Enter the Dream-House, Memories of Cinemas in South London from the Twenties to the Sixties
Author(s): Margaret O'Brien, Allen Eyles