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Health and Welfare
Volume: 23, Issue: 1 (1995)
Leprosy in India: The Intervention of Oral History
Author(s): Sanjiv Kakar

'They're Magicians': Midwives, Doctors and Hospitals: Women's Experiences of Childbirth in East London and Woolwich in the Interwar Years
Author(s): Lara Marks

'You Didn't Get Much Help in Them Days, You Just Had to Get on with It': Parenting in Hertfordshire in the 1920s and 1930s
Author(s): Pauline King and Rosalind O'Brien

Protest Is Better for Infants: Motherhood, Health and Welfare in a Women's Town, c.1911-1931
Author(s): Graham Smith

Life History Interviews with People with Learning Disabilities
Author(s): Jan Walmsley

'I Am Still Here': A Life with Encephalitis Lethargica
Author(s): John Adams

A Personal Experience of Polio
Author(s): Tom Atkins and Rob Wilkinson

Jam, Jerusalem and Feminism
Author(s): Maggie Morgan

Oral Testimony as a Tool for Overseas Development - Review
Author(s): Olivia Bennett

Oral History and the Local Historian
Author(s): Stephen Caunce

Talking History: A Short Guide to Oral History
Author(s): Megan Hutching

Recording Oral History: A Practical Guide for Social Scientists
Author(s): Valere Raleigh Yow

Reminiscence and Recall: A Guide to Good Practice
Author(s): Faith Gibson

Voices of the Holocaust: A Cross-Curricular Resource Pack
Author(s): Carrie Supple, Rob Perks

Here to Stay: Bradford's South Asian Communities
Author(s): Irna Imran, Tim Smith, Donald Hyslop

Labour Women: Women in British Working-Class Politics 1918-39
Author(s): Pamela M. Graves

Forbidden Britain: Our Secretpast 1900-1960
Author(s): Steve Humphries, Pamela Gordon