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Religion and Belief
Volume: 24, Issue: 2 (1996)
The Problem of Belief: The Place of Oral History in the Study of Popular Religion
Author(s): Sarah C. Williams

Jack Mary Ann and the Myth of the Sinning Deacon: Images of Nonconformist Asceticism in Fictive Folklore
Author(s): Roger Laidlaw

Becoming a Priest in the Underground: The Clandestine Life of the Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church
Author(s): Borys Gudziak and Victor Susak

Religion and Women during the Course of Modernization in Turkey
Author(s): Aynur Ilyasoglu

'The Lord Said "Come"': Why Women Enter a Religious Order
Author(s): Paul Gerrard

The Priesthood of Women: Resourcing Identity in the Anglican Church
Author(s): Paul Yates

'You Had to Be Game to Stay in Yon Business': A Working Life in Variety Theatre, 1920-1950
Author(s): Frank Bruce

A Woman's Place: An Oral History of Working Class Women 1880-1940
Author(s): Elizabeth Roberts

Women and Families: An Oral History, 1940-1970
Author(s): Elizabeth Roberts

The Best Police in the World
Author(s): Barbara Weinberger

Growing up Poor: Home, School and Street in London 1870-1914
Author(s): Anna Davin

Doing Oral History
Author(s): Donald A. Ritchie

The Art and Science of Reminiscing: Theory, Research, Methods and Applications
Author(s): Barbara K. Haight, Jeffrey D. Webster

Oral History in Social Work
Author(s): Ruth R. Martin

The Oral History of Modern Architecture
Author(s): John Peter

Tower Block: Modern Public Housing in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Author(s): Miles Glendinning, Stefan Muthesius

South Pacific Oral Traditions
Author(s): Ruth Finnegan, Margaret Orbell

The Day of the Hillsborough Disaster
Author(s): Rogan Taylor, Andrew Ward, Tim Newburn