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Sporting Lives
Volume: 25, Issue: 1 (1997)
'No Hard-Brimmed Hats or Hat-Pins Please' Bolton Women Cotton-Workers and the Game of Rounders, 1911-39
Author(s): Liz Oliver

Women and Golf in Scotland
Author(s): Jane George

Running in the Family: Handicap Running, 1924-37
Author(s): Joan Walsh

Kicking and Screaming: Broadcasting Football Oral Histories
Author(s): Rogan Taylor and Andrew Ward

More than a Game: The Experience of Being a Professional Footballer in Britain
Author(s): Brian Gearing

Sporting Institutions: Football, Masculinity and Community Identity at Lennox Castle Hospital
Author(s): Howard Mitchell

Sorters, Pressers, Pippers and Packers: Women in Light Industry in South London 1920-60
Author(s): Sue Bruley

Women's Talk: A Social History of 'Gossip' in Working-Class Neighbourhoods 1880-1960
Author(s): Melanie Tebbutt

White Gloves: How We Create Ourselves through Memory
Author(s): John Kotre

Fear and Hope: Three Generations of the Holocaust
Author(s): Dan Bar-On

Imagined Childhoods: Self and Society in Autobiographical Accounts
Author(s): Marianne Gullestad

Sex Work on the Streets: Prostitutes and Their Clients
Author(s): Neil Mckeganey, Marina Barnard

Splash!: Great Writing about Swimming
Author(s): Laurel Blossom

Gravel Rash: 100 Years of Goldfields Football
Author(s): Les Everett

Author(s): David Arscott

Writing and Orality: Nationality, Culture and Nineteenth-Century Scottish Fiction
Author(s): Penny Fielding