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Talking and Writing
Volume: 26, Issue: 1 (1998)
One Hundred Miles of Lives: The Stasi Files as a People's History of East Germany
Author(s): Molly Andrews

The Growth of a Community Oral History Archive
Author(s): Nick Osmond

Making a Community Oral History Book
Author(s): Lorraine Sitzia

'White Girl in Search of the Party': Oral History, Autobiography and Gendered Silences
Author(s): Steven Robins

Remembering Time and Place: A Case Study in Latvian Narrative
Author(s): Vieda Skultans

Ex-Slave Narratives: The WPA Federal Writers' Project Reappraised
Author(s): Lynda M. Hill

Autobiography and Learning Disability
Author(s): Dorothy Atkinson

'Climb up the Family Tree and Look at the Vista from There': Writing Work with People with Dementia
Author(s): John Killick

Living with the National Curriculum: A Response
Author(s): Allan Redfern

From the Chalkface: The Day Noah Visited Walsall
Author(s): Lynn Hawthorne

Public History
Mega-Memories on CD-ROM
Author(s): Graham Smith

Returning to Nothing: The Meaning of Lost Places
Author(s): Peter Read

Forgotten Lives: Exploring the History of Learning Disability
Author(s): Dorothy Atkinson, Mark Jackson, Jan Walmsley

Looking Back: Looking Forward Reminiscence with People with Learning Disabilities
Author(s): Mary Stuart

Children of the Revolution: Communist Childhood in Cold War Britain
Author(s): Phil Cohen

East London for Mosley: The British Union of Fascists in East London and South-West Essex 1933-40
Author(s): Thomas P. Linehan

On Queer Street: A Social History of British Homosexuality 1895-1995
Author(s): Hugh David

Wellcome Witnesses to Twentieth Century Medicine 1
Author(s): Wellcome Trust

Las Mayorales Invisibles
Author(s): Mercedes Vilanova

The Text and the Voice: Writing, Speaking and Democracy in American Literature
Author(s): Allesandro Portelli