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Volume: 27, Issue: 1 (1999)
Moving Stories: Oral History and Migration Studies
Author(s): Alistair Thomson

Breaking the Threads: The Real Costs of Forced Resettlement
Author(s): Olivia Bennett

Enforced Migrations by People with Learning Difficulties: A Case Study
Author(s): Sheena Rolph

Polish Migration to Britain: War, Exile and Mental Health
Author(s): Michelle Winslow

Narrating Location: Space, Age and Gender among Bengali Elders in East London
Author(s): Katy Gardner

The Way to the Homeland: A 'Repatriated' Migrant's Life Story
Author(s): Fani Keramida

Public History
Listening Galleries: Putting Oral History on Display
Author(s): Annette Day

Children Exploring Immigrant and Migrant Experiences: Lessons in Oral History from Argentina
Author(s): Allan Redfern

Heritage Lottery Fund and Oral History: A Quick Guide for Applicants
Author(s): Rob Perks

Narrative and Genre
Author(s): Mary Chamberlain, Paul Thompson

Growing up in Stepfamilies
Author(s): Gill Gorell Barnes, Paul Thompson, Gwyneth Daniel, Natasha Burchardt

Just My Soul Responding: Rhythm and Blues, Black Consciousness and Race Relations
Author(s): Brian Ward

Teachers Talk Teaching 1915-1995: Early Childhood, Schools and Teachers' Colleges
Author(s): Sue Middleton, Helen May

Troubled Times: Collective Memory and History in Ziaka Grevenon (1900-1950)
Author(s): R. van Bouschoten

The Navy: 1939 to the Present
Author(s): Max Arthur

Women and Childbirth in the Twentieth Century
Author(s): A. Susan Williams

St Richard's Hospital and the NHS: An Oral History
Author(s): Chris Howard Bailey