Working Together: recording and preserving the heritage of the workers’ co-operative movement (Manchester)


Organisation: The National Co-operative Archive
Address: Holyoake House, Hanover Street, Manchester, M60 0AS

Details of Volunteer Post:

Volunteer Duties: The Working Together project aims to identify and make accessible for the first time records from some of the major workers’ co-operatives of the 1970s-1990s, together with co-operative support organisations. An oral history element to the project will mean that recordings of the memories of some of those most involved in co-operatives during this period will be made and preserved for future use.

We are looking for volunteers to assist with providing full transcriptions of these oral history interviews. This will help ensure that the recordings are more accessible to researchers. Volunteers are also needed to assist with creating summaries for these oral history interviews. This will again will make the recordings more accessible and will form the basis of the catalogue entry for the interviews on the National Co-operative Archive catalogue.

Both the transcriptions and summaries will be uploaded with the oral history interviews to the National Co-operative Archive website.

Location: The volunteer duties are suitable for remote working. There is also an option for volunteers to complete this work at The National Co-operative Archive in Manchester.

Training Opportunities: Guidance will be provided by the project archivist in how to complete oral history transcriptions and summaries.

Expenses: N/A – remote working option

Closing Date of Project: September 2018

Contact. Philippa Lewis: