Guidance and advice

The OHS has years of experience in developing oral history techniques and methods. We have researched the best software and media, ways of publishing and sharing materials and how to navigate the complex legal and ethical issues of oral history work.

Much of this essential knowledge has been distilled into our advice pages which we hope will be helpful for practitioners. They include useful lists of publications, web resources and important archives. Here are some examples. Others can be found under ADVICE in the main menu.

Getting Started

How to prepare and ask questions. find and approach interviewees, choose equipment and write up your project.

How to be legal and ethical

Important advice on how to deal with copyright law and the ethics of good oral history interviewing.

Getting to grips with GDPR

Don't let the new legislation on Data Protection put you off oral history recording. This guide will show you how to deal with it.

Family oral history

Sound advice for those thinking of using oral history in their family history research.

Information for community projects

Including advice on planning and budgeting

Oral history with schools and young people

Everything you need for doing oral history projects with young people.

Budgeting an oral history project

What to consider when budgeting your project and the cost of contracting out various aspects.

Advice about equipment

Some help with choosing and using recording equipment


Find answers to the questions most frequently asked of us.

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