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Welcome to the Oral History Society’s blog. Here we share stories and updates from oral history projects all over the United Kingdom – from community projects to student research and museum curation. Whatever your involvement in oral history, we would like to hear from you.

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Former political prisoner Susanna Pechuro at a procession before the opening of the monument to victims of repression in Moscow.

OHS condemns closure of Memorial International

The Oral History Society joins in the widespread condemnation of the closure of Russia’s International Memorial Organisation. The decision to close ordered by a Russian court on the 28th of December represents an assault on human rights, and in particular an attempt to suppress the Organisation’s significant contribution to the history of the Soviet Union.

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Recent posts

If gardens had ears...

If gardens had ears, what would they hear?

If Homes Had Ears is a new, light-touch digital exploration of the spaces that define our homes. Launched by the British Library in the summer of 2020, the website uses oral histories and other gems from our sound archive to capture how people regarded their domestic spaces throughout the twentieth century.

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Distant Voices, Queer Lives

OurStory Scotland records queer voices that bear witness to our lives. Through changing times, and even lockdown, we reach out across the distance.

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