First meeting of environment and climate change group


The Oral History Society’s Special Interest Group on Environment and Climate Change (ECC- SIG) held its first meeting at the British Library on 17th November 2016.

The meeting, chaired by Allan Shepherd, who first proposed setting up the group, brought together nine members, including a participant via Skype from Alaska, to share information about their respective research interests and to discuss the way forward for the ECC-SIG.

Discussions ranged from members’ own oral history projects and educational initiatives to current global issues such as the impact of the Paris Agreement, US elections and lack of ice in the Arctic. Speaking via Skype from Alaska, Leslie McCartney, spoke of her work documenting the significant impact of global warming and climate change on the region’s communities that depend on ice for their survival. 

Leslie also emphasised how older archival oral histories were now being sought by scientists studying the current situation of receding ice. This highlighted the need to identify existing recordings that focus on or contain relevant information on environmental issues.

Members are keen to work together and use the ECC-SIG as a forum to share information, collaborate on joint projects and publications and develop innovative and engaging ways to disseminate audio recordings in an effort to raise awareness of the topic. Since the meeting, the group has shared a number of useful links that may be of interest to others:

We are keen to hear from OHS members about their projects and welcome new members to the ECC-SIG. For more information or to join the group, click here.