Higher Education


The Oral History Society’s Higher Education Group is engaged with the specific issues facing those using oral history across various disciplines in HE teaching and research. We represent oral history in Britain at both national and international levels. We are keen to develop a network of oral historians in HE, stimulate debate on oral history theory and methodology and establish a list of academics able to supervise oral history PhDs.

Since 2012, the OHS HE group has collaborated with the Institute of Historical Research in presenting evening seminars on oral history topics and an annual Advance Oral History School.

The OHS HE group currently consists of eight Trustees (Angela Bartie, Joanna Bornat, Fiona Cosson, Jenny Harding, Graham Smith, Shelley Trower, Michelle Winslow and Hilary Young).

If you would like to join a register of academics interested in supervising oral history PhDs, please email Jenny Harding: j.harding@londonmet.ac.uk

Questionnaire for PhD Students using oral history


The OHS Higher Education group is exploring ways of supporting PhD students and their supervisors. As part of this process, we are conducting a survey to find out about students’ experiences of supervision. If you are using oral history in your doctoral research, please help us by filling out our questionnaire:

Are you using oral history in your PhD research?

At which University are you registered? (optional)

In which department are you based? (optional)

In which year of your doctoral studies are you? 1234+

How many supervisors do you have?

Does either your first or second supervisor have experience of using oral history in their own research?

Had you had any experience of using oral history before beginning your doctoral research?

Have you attended any courses or training on aspects of oral history? If yes, could you describe these, please?

Were they helpful or not? How?

If you have discussed your team of examiners with your supervisor(s), is it planned that one of these should be an oral historian?

How happy are you with the overall PhD supervision you have received so far?

How happy are you with the PhD supervision specifically related to oral history that you have received so far?

Is there anything that you found particularly helpful that you would recommend to other students and supervisors?

What, if anything, could be improved in the supervision you have received so far?

Is there any area of oral history research in which you would like to receive teaching/training?

Is there any else you would like to mention in relation to your PhD supervision?