Oral History Journal @ 50 – Nominate an Article!


In 2019, Oral History, the journal of the Oral History Society, will turn 50 years old. To mark the occasion, the journal’s editorial team is seeking nominations of the most important and/or influential articles the journal has published in the last fifty years. We would be very grateful if you could let us know which articles from Oral History have influenced you and your approach to oral history.

1. Which article/s from the Oral History Journal would you like to nominate as being particularly important, inspirational or influential for you? If possible, please give Author/Title/Date/Issue or each suggested article

2. Please detail in what way these articles have been particularly important or influential for you

3. In what way, have they influenced your approach to oral history, if at all?

4. In your opinion, in what way do you think they might have been important to oral history more generally?

5. The Oral History Society may wish to use your comments from this questionnaire in the on-line anniversary journal and we would like your permission to do this. Please tick one of the following boxes:

I give permission to use my comments and agree to the use of my nameI give permission to use my comments anonymouslyI do not give my permission for my comments to be used

If you agree to the use of your name, please write your name here as you would like it to appear:

6. If your comments are used (with permission) we would like to contact you to confirm the copy. Could you please provide your email address below for us to contact you:

7. Do you have any additional comments to make?