Martin Bisiker

Address: 13 Mornington Road
E4 7DT

Telephone: 020 3657 9078, 0788 1814 707


Role within the OHS:

Regional Network Representative (London)

Current professional role:

Oral historian



 Current projects:

Spooks, Spies and Videotape – London’s Secret War – a Heritage Lottery Funded, oral history project featuring interviews with 70 men and women who were involved in Special Ops and associated clandestine operations in and around London. In addition to the creation of GCSE Lesson plans an App will be created. This will enable young people to connect with the project’s OH, documents, photographs and also identify key locations around London that were used during the War.

Keeping Britain Afloat – a Heritage Lottery Funded, oral history project featuring interviews with at least 50 Second World War veterans [male and female] who were involved in the Royal and Merchant Navy’s. In addition to the creation of KS3 Lesson plans a permanent exhibition space will be housed at the Chatham Dockyard museum.

Women at War – an ongoing oral history project looking at the changing role of women in society. Featuring women veterans from Afghanistan who share about their experiences of life in a modern military.

Korean the Forgotten War – HLF project based in the North West.

Previous projects:

The Berlin Airlift – a Heritage Lottery Funded, oral history project featuring interviews with over 50 male and female veterans who were involved in this seminal moment of the Cold War. In addition to a permanent exhibition at Flixton’s Aviation Museum, a series of GCSE Lesson plans have been created.

Who do You Think They Were – an educational project, funded by the HLF that used a unique oral history recording of three Great War veterans to help young people learn about genealogy, journalism and creative thinking.


I am an experienced television producer, director who has worked for all of the terrestrial broadcasters on a wide range of programmes. Over the course of my career I have met and interviewed a very diverse range of people. I have five years of working in the field of oral history. As the Trustee and Founder of the Legasee Educational Trust I have personally interviewed over 250 male and female veterans.

I have project managed a number of high profile Heritage Lottery funded oral history projects, working with museums and military associations. I have an in-depth technical knowledge of [nearly] all digital production practices.