Emily Gibbs

Emily Gibbs 

Address: Department of History, School of Histories, Languages and Cultures, University of Liverpool 

Twitter: @emilygibbs93 
Email: hsegibbs@liverpool.ac.uk 

Role within the OHS: Trustee, Membership Officer 

Current Professional Role: PhD Student in British Cold War History 

Institution: University of Liverpool 

Current Projects: 

I am currently working on writing an emotional history of Britain’s Cold War and its experience with Nuclear Weapons. My project is informed by original oral history interviews from those living in urban communities in the UK during the Cold War. In particular, I am interested in feelings of nuclear anxiety and nuclear fear. It is hoped that this project contributes to wider nuclear history, modern British history, and the history of emotions. 

Previous Projects: 

‘Brews & Brows’, NWCDTP funded project on identities and eyebrows. 


Modern British History 

Oral History and History of Emotions 

British Nuclear Culture