John Gabriel

School of Social Professions, 166-220 Holloway Road, London, N7 8DB
Role within the OHS:  Chair of Board of Trustees
Current Professional Role: Senior Professor, Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Institution:  London Metropolitan University
Current Projects:  ‘Lost Trades of Islington’ with Age-UK Islington and Islington Heritage Service (HLF)
Previous Projects:
2014- 16  ‘MultiLing: Languages in the Workplace’ (EU funded)
2010  ‘Sporting Sisters: Muslim Women in Sport’ (with Jenny Harding, Suzanne Cohen & IARS) (HLF)
2008  ‘Working lives of the Thames Gateway’ (with Jenny Harding & Eastside Community Heritage (HLF)
2004-06  ‘Refugee Communities Histories Project’ (with Jenny Harding, Evelyn Oldfield Unit, Trust for London, Museum of London) (HLF)
Oral history: teaching and projects