Rosalyn Livshin

Address: 48 Park Road
M25 0FA

Telephone: 07968169872


Role within the OHS:

Regional Network Representative for North West

Accredited trainer for the British Library/Oral History Society

Current Professional Role:

 Freelance oral historian and researcher

Previous Projects Include:

Collaborative PhD with Manchester University and Manchester Jewish Museum on political nonconformity in the Manchester Jewish Community, 1889-1939, drawing upon oral testimonies at the Manchester Jewish Museum and elsewhere.

Interviewer for individual life story publications such as Sori’s Story published by Feldheim

Oral History Trainer/Interviewer or Consultant for

Another Space {From Auschwitz to Ambleside)

Manchester City Council’s (Wartime Memory Project)

Manchester Jewish Museum (‘Picture This Exhibition)

Salford City Council (Wartime Memories Project)

Association of Jewish Refugees (Refugee Voices Project)

Manchester University, Centre of Jewish Studies (Jewish Refugees Project)

Spielberg’s Shoah Visual History Foundation (Survivors of the Shoah)

British Library National Life Story Collection Project (The Living Memory of the Jewish Community)

Manchester 45 Aid Society (Survivors Testimonies)

Manchester Polytechnic, Manchester Studies Unit (Jewish community life stories)


I am a freelance oral historian and trainer with 39 years of experience. I was responsible for building up the vast oral history collection now held at the Manchester Jewish Museum and for developing their sound installations.  My particular expertise lies in the life stories of Jewish immigrants, their children, refugees and survivors of the Holocaust and by extension the experience of war, migration and settlement.