South West Region Annual Report – 2013


Kayleigh Luscombe

The War in Plymouth: Destruction and a New Beginning (Heritage Lottery Fund/Plymouth University Vice-Chancellor’s Community Research Awards, May 2013 – current)
Dr Kayleigh Milden is currently coordinating the oral history project The War in Plymouth: Destruction and a New Beginning. This collaborative project between the Department of History, Plymouth University and The Word Machine (community interest publishing company), is collating an oral history archive of recordings relating to Plymouth in the Second World War and the rebuilding of the City from 1945-1955. Much of the landscape of Plymouth was indelibly altered in the aftermath of the War, impacting upon the physical and social make-up of the City. The project is examining the interplay between the national, community, and individual ‘memory’ of the Second World War. It is researching how the population of Plymouth reacted to the architectural and social changes that occurred in developments such as the Abercrombie and Paton-Watson ‘Plan for Plymouth’ that reshaped the city centre. It is also charting the story of the new housing estates that grew around the edges of Plymouth in the post-war era. Over the course of ten years between 1945 and 1955, over 17,000 new homes and 24 new schools were built, creating new neighbourhoods such as Southway and Efford. The research questions being explored include: How did these developments impact upon the health of the population? Was there a ‘sense of community’ within the new estates?

Project outcomes will include an exhibition, publications and online learning resources.