Oral history in the South West in 2020

South West Region (Garry Tregidga) 

For 2019-2020 Oral History featured prominently in the Eglosyow Morek 

Kernow (Cornish Maritime Churches) project that was funded through the Young Roots scheme of the former Heritage Lottery. A team of young volunteers instructed by the Institute of Cornish Studies, University of Exeter, recorded a series of 30 audio and film interviews with coastal communities in relation to local parish churches.  

In addition, the Institute worked with the Luxulyan Old Cornwall Society to mark the 40thanniversary of the anti-nuclear power campaign in 1980/82. In February 2020 a community workshop in mid-Cornwall brought together local residents, activists and a retired policeman to talk about the protests and a series of interviews were recorded and subsequently transcribed.  

The disruption caused by Covid 19 naturally brought fieldwork research to a close. It has been an opportunity, however, to review the long-term strategy of Cornish Oral History at the community level (www.cornishstory.com/cava/). Cornish Story, a community education organisation will work in association with the Institute of Cornish Studies, to initiate future projects and provide training in fieldwork research.  

In 2021 there will be a regular programme of podcasts from the Cornish Story base at the Rescorla Centre near St Austell, exploring the synergy of music and oral history with a new collection of audio recordings currently being established entitled Lev (Cornish for ‘voice’). For further information on these various activities please contact Garry Tregidga (G.H.Tregidga@exeter.ac.uk)  

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