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50th Anniversary Issue
Volume: 0, Issue: 0 (2019)
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Raphael Samuel: 'Perils of the transcript' (from vol 1, no 2, 1972); Paul Thompson: 'Problems of method in oral history' (vol 1, no 4,1972); George Ewart Evans: 'Approaches to interviewing' (vol 1,no 4, 1972); Elizabeth Roberts: 'Working-class women in the north west' (vol 5, no 2,1977); Bill Williams: 'The Jewish immigrant in Manchester' (vol 7, no 1,1979); Virginia Berridge: 'Opium and oral history' (vol 7, no 2, 1979) Harry Goulbourne: 'Oral history and Black labour in Britain: an overview' (vol 8, no 1, 1980); Angela V John: 'Scratching the Surface. Women, work and coalmining history in England and Wales' (vol 10, no 2, 1982); Graham Smith: 'From Micky to Maus: recalling the genocide through cartoon', (vol 15, no 1, 1987); Joanna Bornat: '˜Oral history as a social movement: reminiscence and older people' (vol 17, no 2, 1989) Gabriele Rosenthal: 'German war memories: narrability and the biographical and social functions of remembering' (vol 19, no 2, 1991); Alun Howkins: 'Inventing Everyman: George Ewart Evans, oral history and national identity' (vol 22, no 2, 1994); Nicola North: 'Narratives of Cambodian refugees: issues in the collection of refugee stories' (vol 23,no 2, 1995); Wendy Rickard: 'Oral history: more dangerous than therapy? interviewees' reflections on recording traumatic or taboo issues' (vol 26, no 2, 1998) Michael Roper: ‘Analysing the analysed: transference and countertransference in the oral history encounter' (vol 31, no 2, 2003); Anna Green: 'Individual and 'collective memory'; theoretical perspectives and contemporary debates' (vol 32, no 2, 2004); Alessandro Portelli: 'So much depends on a red bus, or, innocent victims of the liberating gun' (vol 34,no 2, 2006); Anna Bryson: 'Whatever you say, say nothing': researching memory and identity in Mid-Ulster, 1945-1969' (vol 35, no 2, 2007); Carrie Hamilton: 'On being a 'good' interviewer: empathy, ethics and the politics of oral history' (vol 36, no 2, 2008) Jenny Harding: 'Talking about care: emotions, culture and oral history' (vol 38, no 2, 2010); Sean Field: 'Shooting at shadows, Private John Field, war stories and why he would not be interviewed' (vol 41, no 2, 2013); Pippa Virdee: 'Remembering Partition: women, oral histories and the Partition of 1947' (vol 41, no 2, 2013); Lindsey Dodd: 'It did not traumatise me at all': childhood 'trauma' in French oral narratives of wartime bombing' (vol 41, no 2,2013); Anna-Kaisa Kuusisto-Arponen and Ulla Savolainen: 'The interplay of memory and matter: narratives of former Finnish Karelian child evacuees' (vol 44, no 2, 2016)