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Volume: 39, Issue: 1 (2011)
Despair? Older Homeless Men's Accounts Of Their Emotional Trajectories
This article is based on in-depth oral history interviews with five older men who had experienced homelessness. The interviews, which contain many untapped psychological issues, were (re)analysed with particular attention being paid to emotions and issues of self and identity. Here we provide evidence that resulted from the addition of a social psychological/psychoanalytic perspective on the men's stories exploring the efficacy of Erik Erikson's psychosocial developmental stages, particularly the eighth stage - integrity versus despair. While it might be assumed that these men's accounts would support Erikson's view that their psychosocial development would lead to despair this was not the case. The men's sense of self/identity and emotionality were more complex and reliant on biographical reflexivity leading to awareness of the contradictions in their own life reviews.
Author(s): Graham Smith and Paula Nicolson
Keywords: Psychosocial development, life review, homelessness, older age

Recalling The Early Years Of Psychosexual Nursing
Based on the transcript of a witness seminar organised by the Association of Psychosexual Nursing in May 2008, this article examines the emergence of psychosexual nursing during the 1970s and early 1980s. It draws on the memories of the early pioneers of psychosexual nursing, who were mainly nurses and midwives working in family planning services. Most recalled feeling ill-prepared to work with patients who presented with sexual anxieties and difficulties, and their involvement in psychosexual work seems to have been contingent upon developments within reproductive health services in England. Many early pioneers of psychosexual nursing remembered their early training for this work, which took the form of regular participation in non-didactic psychosexual seminars, as a bewildering and exhausting experience.
Author(s): Rob Irwin
Keywords: nursing, psychosexual, seminars, Balint

Southern Protestants And 'Irishness'
This paper demonstrates how, in a southern Irish setting, differences based on the historic struggles between Protestantism and Catholicism are perpetuated and communicated. It outlines the background and identifies modes of speech indicating unexamined assumptions grounded in the collective memory of the past. It analyses the ways in which the irruption into everyday communication of this emotional legacy reproduce difference, and examines Protestant perceptions that Catholics see them as incapable of possessing an authentic national identity. It shows how the process results in Protestant exclusion from the imagined nation and the category of 'Irishness'.
Author(s): Heather Crawford
Keywords: Irishness, Protestant, identity, exclusion

Stigma And Silence: Oral Histories Of Tuberculosis
In Ireland the tuberculosis death rate was still increasing in 1900, thirty years after it had begun to decline in England and remained higher until the 1950s. Tuberculosis sufferers and their families often felt stigmatised and many people chose to keep quiet about their disease. In time the silence became a habit. This article is based on thirty-three interviews with adults who suffered tuberculosis as children in Northern Ireland. The interviewees experienced the onset of the disease between 1926 and 1962 and many of them had never spoken of their experiences before. This paper examines why some chose to speak now and why others were still reluctant to respond.
Author(s): Susan Kelly
Keywords: tuberculosis, stigma, silence, illness narratives, Northern Ireland

Culinary Voices: Perspectives From Dublin Restaurants
Despite growing interest in culinary history and gastronomy in the last three decades, the use of oral history within the culinary field remains in an embryonic stage. By discussing the strength of oral history, particularly when triangulated with other sources, and surveying some food related projects, the article focuses on the power of oral history to capture the life experiences of chefs, waiters, restaurateurs and diners. The article calls on curators of culinary libraries to build oral history archives which can be accessed electronically.
Author(s): MairtiĀ­n Mac Con Iomaire
Keywords: culinary history, gastronomy, chefs, haute cuisine, Dublin, food sector

Public History
What Are Sex Worker Stories Good For? User Engagement With Archived Data
This paper explores public use of the archival collection 'The Oral History of Prostitution'. Three co-authors give reflective accounts of using this British Library collection for diverse one-off purposes in the public sphere: for an historical seminar, as research for an acting part in a West End play, and for a contemporary exhibition installation. These accounts are examined by the oral historian who recorded the collection and by a sex worker who originally gave an oral history. Issues considered in this joint, edited article include control over sensitive material, the relationship between the (re)user of the oral histories and the respondents in the original study, and questions about the moral regulation of archived material by researchers and curatorial staff. The paper takes public engagement and shared authority as its drivers, mixing these with tenacious curiosity and a fascination for seeking different ways to tilt the authorial voice.
Author(s): Wendy Rickard, Nikita, Sarah Evans, Saskia Reeves & Gail Cameron
Keywords: public engagement, shared authority, prostitution, (re)use

Oral History And Schools: Practical Tips For Getting Started In The Classroom
Author(s): Julia Letts

Oral History Theory
Author(s): Lynn Abrams

Memory: Histories, Theories, Debates
Author(s): Susannah Radstone and Bill Schwartz (eds)

Gender And Political Identities In Scotland, 1919-1939
Author(s): Annmarie Hughes

How Modernity Forgets
Author(s): Paul Connerton

Surviving Bhopal: Dancing Bodies, Written Texts, And Oral Testimonials Of Women In The Wake Of An Industrial Disaster
Author(s): Suroopa Mukherjee

Taking The Boat: The Irish In Leeds, 1931-81
Author(s): Brendan McGowan

The British Book Trade: An Oral History
Author(s): Sue Bradley (ed)

Oral History And Ageing
Author(s): Joanna Bornat and Josie Tetley (eds)

Showfolk: An Oral History Of A Fairground Dynasty
Author(s): Frank Bruce