WWII Front line Kent Childhoods (Folkstone, Hythe, Margate, Ramsgate)


Organisation: Pavement Pounders Community Interest Company

Volunteer Duties: We are seeking two young adults aged 18-25 from each of the seaside towns of Folkestone, Hythe (Kent), Margate and Ramsgate to assist with oral history interviews and filming in early 2019 after having attended our training workshops (see Volunteering Training Opportunities box below).

A brief description of the project:
WWII Front-Line Kent Childhoods A Pavement Pounders CIC Project

Life for young people in Kent seaside towns under fire, during WWII. The towns chosen are Folkestone, Hythe, Margate and Ramsgate. Prompted by being sent unsolicited audio files made by locals about childhood encounters with V1 rockets in Folkestone when the current TV news was full of reports of the suffering of children in Syria. The accounts we were sent highlighted the contrast between the towns’ pre- and post-war role as holiday destinations welcoming visitors with their wartime role as restricted areas repelling attack. With the help of local young people we shall gather the memories of those who lived their childhood years in these seaside towns during WWII experiencing the attacks from across the channel. We are a community interest company based in Folkestone on the Kent coast. We devise and manage heritage and arts projects.

This project is supported by Kent County Council and the Big Lottery

Training Opportunities: We offer young adults aged 18-25 two training workshops which shall be held in Folkestone and or Ramsgate depending on take up. One on oral history interviewing techniques, the other on using video for heritage projects. The workshops will take place between September and December 2018.

Expenses: We shall pay reasonable pre-agreed travel expenses.

Closing Date of Project: May 2019